Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur - Mainz

Current Work

  • Improvement of the REDE SprachGIS' user-friendliness
  • Improvement of the external data import as well as their storage and display
  • Introduction of a multilingual website including all applications
  • Revision of the interface for a responsive design on all devices

Future Work

  • Changing the map display to OpenLayers 3
  • Correction of the geodatabase and internal data migration
  • Introduction of a central super-search of all the data in the REDE SprachGIS

Finished Work

  • Data integration of previously unpublished maps from the "Kleiner Niederländischer Sprachatlas (KNSA)"
  • Integration of the audio recordings from the Sprechende Atlanten ('speaking atlasses') (SNiB & SBuB)
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